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Baoding Superman Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in power test equipment and power automation system development, production and sales of specialized companies. Founded in 2001, it is located in torch garden of national hi tech Industrial Development Zone of Hebei, Baoding province. It belongs to high and new technology enterprise and software enterprise. Torch garden is a software demonstration park in Hebei province. The company owns 1000 square meters of standard workshop with all property rights.
The company has strong technical force, and relying on the Hebei University College of computer technology as the backing, has a close relationship with North China Electric Power University and Tianwei Electric Corporation, the company invested a lot of development makes every year new products come out innovative. The company has a series of SM33 (1-100A) SM333 DC resistance tester, three circuit transformer DC resistance tester, SM40 series circuit resistance tester, SM500 series transformer loss and circuit parameters tester, SM503 tester, SM506 transformer short-circuit impedance of transformer capacity analyzer, SM63 series transformer, SM80 transformer load tap pressure switch tester, SM90 series grounding wire conduction tester and a number of independent product development. The SM33 high current programmable current source technology, SM333 technology, SM40 three loop continuous high current output technology, SM500 series digital processing technology, SM506 fuzzy inference analysis technology, SM63 wiring transformer type Z- automatic identification and automatic measurement technology.
Superman company is completely relying on its own technological advantages to develop, is a successful model of knowledge economy, the company based on a high starting point, to play high efficiency, and set up a new concept of technology-based enterprises. "Unremitting efforts, endless pursuit", the spirit of Superman inspired all the staff continue to forge ahead. The company aims to provide superhuman service with superhuman skills.





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